Who would you rather be, Fled Flintstone or George Jetson? One lived in the Stone Age, and the other lived somewhere in the future. We’d guess that your decision would boil down to convenience. While Fred Flintstone’s horsepower depended on how fast he could move his feet, George Jetson traveled in vehicles with increased efficiency. In today’s world, there are more efficient ways to go about your day. So, if you’re not at least thinking about the transition from gas-power to an alternative fuel vehicle, we won’t say you’re in the Stone Age. We’ll just call you Fred or Wilma from now on.

It’s Designed for Your Convenience

We know that you love your current gas-guzzling powerhouse V6 or V8 engine. It’s all you’ve ever known, so we get it. We also understand that you absolutely love filling up your gas tank at $80 or $100 a pop. I mean, who doesn’t love going to the gas station and dealing with the inconsistent gas prices? It’s a dream come true for you in Butte, MT.

And don’t forget spending time in a repair shop for regular maintenance and repairs. There’s not a better way to spend your Saturday in Bozeman than at a repair shop! And when you add synthetic oil changes and regular engine maintenance, your bill will keep on climbing like the mountains in Montana. But it’s all about convenience, right? So, as technology improves, would it hurt to at least take a look at how your life can become—easier?

The Hybrid Option

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are slowly moving to the forefront of the automobile industry in Butte, MT. As more drivers switch to these futuristically designed vehicles that come with everything except a fuel tank, you might wonder why. Well, here’s a few reasons why drivers are making the switch to alternative fuel vehicles.

Increased traveling efficiency, lower maintenance bills, and thousands of dollars in tax incentives for purchasing a hybrid or Electric Vehicle (EV) are enough to sway people from gas to electric power. With an alternative fuel car, truck, or SUV, you can travel from Butte, MT, to Missoula without stopping for gas or recharging your vehicle. That’s efficiency. And, since your engine won’t require oil changes or regular gas-engine maintenance, that’s less money you’ll spend when it’s time for your vehicle’s checkups. And money—yes, you’ll receive real tax incentives that can equal a few thousand dollars or more but contact your local tax specialist for details.

What Kinds of Hybrid or EVs Can I get?

Anything you can get as a gas-powered vehicle can be found as an EV or hybrid. Trucks, SUVs, sedans, coupes, and hatchbacks are available in alternative fuel models. And here at Leskovar Honda, we’ve got a slew of hybrid and EVs from the Honda brand. You can stop by at any time for a test drive or browse our complete inventory online.

You don’t have to be stuck in the Stone Age. You can enjoy a better way to travel with a Honda hybrid or EV in Butte, MT. We’ve got the inventory you’d want to make your driving experience more convenient, comfortable, and entertaining for you and your entire family. Unless, of course, you love stopping your car with your feet—or dumping hundreds of dollars a month into your gas tank. If so, Fred and Wilma, then, by all means, continue doing what you’re doing. But, when you’re ready to step into the future of automobiles, reach out to us. We’d love to show you everything that an alternative fuel vehicle has to offer.

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