We’ve got the cash; you’ve got the car. So, let’s make a deal. Because, honestly, what else are you going to do with that car in your driveway? If you’re not going to give it away to a family member or donate it to charity, you may as well make a few thousand dollars for it. It’s about time for you to see the return on your investment. Whether you purchased your car five years ago or last year, we’ll take it off your hands and turn your car into cash here at Leskovar Honda.

How Much Do You Want for it?

What do you think your vehicle is worth? Listen, we’re not going to play any games with you. We’ll give you access to the same tools that we’ll use to help us understand how much your car is worth. Our official Carfax trade-in tool is created by one of the most trusted valuation sources in the nation—and you have access to it for free.

You can click on our VALUE YOUR TRADE link and enter your VIN or license plate number to get the ball rolling. In just a few moments, you’ll have an estimated value for your vehicle in Butte, MT. And it’s up to you what you do with it. You can take your figure and try to sell it on your own (and get all the headaches that come with it), take it to another dealership in Butte, MT (where they might pressure you to buy another car), or take care of it quick and easy right here.

No Pressure, No Problems

We want your car. Period. You don’t have to buy anything from us and, at no point in time will you feel any pressure to buy—from us. Because the truth is that our inventory is so good, they will practically sell themselves. Once you get a glimpse of our all-new Honda inventory that includes popular models like the Honda Civic and an array of hybrid and Electric Vehicles, you may be tempted to use your vehicle as a trade. Our inventory, new and used, is top-notch and some of the best in the Bozeman area. But again, no pressure from our associates—but our inventory has a mind of its own.

Make the Easy Sell with Leskovar Honda

Do you want a few extra thousand dollars in your bank account? A lot of people do—but the only difference is that you have the vehicle in your hands. So, for once, we can switch positions. You be the sales associate, and we’ll be the buyer. You can play hardball, or you can be a straight shooter. Either way, we’ll do what it takes to ensure that you’ll get the absolute most for your vehicle.

Go ahead and plug your information into our Carfax trade-in form so you can get the process started. You have nothing to lose—except a vehicle you don’t need anymore. Let’s make a deal that’s worthwhile for you so you can head back to Missoula with more money, a big smile, and peace of mind that you’ve got the best bang for your buck.