Let's be honest, a decade ago, the concept of a hybrid vehicle was laughable. However, as the economy continues to twist and turn in unexpected ways, the demand for fuel efficiency has grown. So much so that there are whole waiting lists for fully electrified vehicles. But ditching your gas-guzzling SUV for a set of wheels that charges much like your smartphone can be scary, impossible for some. And somewhere in the middle of the two are Hybrids.

This blog will explore some of the unlikely benefits of buying a hybrid vehicle. It will also touch on some of the misconceptions and differences between hybrids, gasoline vehicles, and fully electric vehicles. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, the concept of driving on electric power will seem a little less scary and perhaps an affordable alternative to what you are currently driving.

What is a hybrid vehicle?

A hybrid vehicle runs on electricity and gasoline to allow for more driving and fewer pit stops. For example, a small fuel-efficient car might expect to get as much as 30 MPG while driving on the highway. A hybrid vehicle might get somewhere between 40-70 MPG while navigating a city. So, whether it is traveling across Butte, MT, or planning a trip across the country, a hybrid vehicle can get you there while spending less to do it.


Hybrids still run off gasoline, at least to an extent. So, if you are nervous about performance lags, you shouldn't be. The technology of a hybrid vehicle has become so commonplace that powerful trucks like the Ford F-150 have utilized elements of a hybrid. For example, Ford's Auto Start-Stop feature turns the engine off while idling at a red light or stop sign but instantly engages the engine when ready to drive. A similar kind of technology exists within almost all hybrids. In other words, there is a small lag between the desire to go and the car's response to pushing the gas pedal.


It should go without saying, but Hybrids are incredibly eco-friendly. They can sometimes produce as much as 90% fewer emissions than their gasoline cousins. The less gasoline burned during combustion, the fewer emissions expelled into the air. Consequently, while protecting the environment, you save money on your daily commute.

Driving Experience

One of the best things about driving an electrified vehicle, especially Hybrids, is the sound. They are incredibly quiet and offer a smooth unparalleled car experience. While it has all the workings of a gasoline engine with several upgrades, the drive feels familiar and foreign at the same time. However, they are perfect for driving long distances as the sound of the car gliding through the wind connects you to the road in ways that only hybrids can deliver.

Rebates and Discounts

Another great reason to shop for a hybrid vehicle is the multiple discounts offered to their owners. As far back as 2005, the United States government offered special hybrid rebates as high as $5000. Since then, electrified vehicles have become a movement supported by the government, environmental advocates, and auto manufacturers alike. The push to combat the irrevocable damage caused by carbon emissions has led to massive discounts and rebates on electric vehicles, especially hybrids.

Remember, hybrids have evolved since their original conception some decades ago. They are powerful, large, and uncompromising in their utility. Take your hybrid vehicle off-road, haul a boat from Bozeman to Missoula, or traverse the United States. They have something to offer everyone. And to top it off, they help you drive longer while spending less doing it.

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