We carry one of the largest selections of tires in the Bozeman area. That means we have multiple options for just about every vehicle. That includes options for all-season tires, winter tires, and even tires more designed for budget or performance. However, if we do not offer the set of tires you were interested in, you can order them for delivery at our shop and have them installed when they arrive. Stop by and visit us or give us a call to hear about the current specials we may be running on a set of four tires.

Do I Need to Know the Specific Set of Tires When Purchasing Tires at Leskovar Honda?

No! Our team has the tools and knowledge to help find tires and recommend the best set for your vehicle and needs. A few measurements need to align with your vehicle's model, such as the tire radius and thickness. In addition to those, there are different styles of tires like all-season (touring), winter, off-road, and others. The touring tires are most common as they handle all road conditions adequately and have the longest life span. But, to prepare for the next Missoula winter, a good set of winter tires is truly unbeatable. If you know the general qualities you are looking for in your new set of tires, visit us at Leskovar Honda, and we will help you find the perfect set. Keeping you safe and comfortable on the road is our primary goal!

<2h>Does Leskovar Honda Carry Tires Suitable for Work Trucks?

We do. Work trucks, or any large trucks, need tires meant to handle a heavier load and withstand more stress when braking. We carry perfectly equipped tires for this task and have the tools to install them appropriately. Getting the balance and alignment just right is even more critical when dealing with a truck of this caliber, so it is not something our team takes lightly. If you need new tires for your truck, bring your car to us at Leskovar Honda for the best service in Butte, MT.

Does Leskovar Honda Carry a Large Selection of Off-Road Tires?

We do. Finding tires to fit your off-roading vehicle can be challenging, so we try to carry as large a selection as possible. We carry an extensive range of sizes and styles and have something for practically every budget and need. We also offer customers the ability to order tires to be sent directly to our shop, though, since there is such a wide range of off-road tires available. If you want to find the perfect off-road tires here in Bozeman, visit us at Leskovar Honda and find the perfect fit.

Does Leskovar Honda Offer a Warranty on Tires?

We are an authorized dealer of every tire we sell and install, and that means any tires you buy from us include a manufacturer's warranty coverage. Many tires require certain services like routine tire rotations to keep the warranty valid, but this service is free when you purchase the tires from us. The warranty for each tire varies as outlined by the manufacturer but having a new set of tires covered under warranty is a great way to have the ultimate peace of mind. If you want to take advantage of this, bring your vehicle to us at Leskovar Honda in Butte, MT, the next time you need a new set of tires!

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